We Know Eichler & Midcentury Modern

We Know Eichler & Midcentury Modern

January 18, 2019 at 5:55 pm / by

Beckner Contracting & Management is a remodeling, restoration, renovation, and design/build expert for both residential and commercial. We’ve also built a stellar reputation exquisitely remodeling, restoring, repairing, amplifying, and structural engineering Midcentury Modern Eichler and Modernist-leaning residences.

We understand and appreciate – firsthand – the ethos, aesthetics, and intelligence behind these vintage gems. And, the demands you face to keep them intact.

Because modernist home designs boast clean lines and minimalist features, imperfections are much more visible. Therefore, we make sure that all substrates are level, plumb, square, and true. Restoration of this magnitude begs for a skilled touch and refined eye.

A few examples of Eichler-specific work, performed during complete restoration and remodeling projects:

  • Cutting and imbedding new radiant heating system in existing slab floor (new finish poured over the concrete)
  • Restoring structural supports for carport canopy
  • Incorporating soffit to subtly open up space, maintaining design integrity
  • Sourcing materials used in original construction