Energy Saving Services

Energy Saving Services

July 16, 2014 at 7:45 am / by

Beckner Energy Upgraders uses “X-ray” vision to determine where outside air is entering your home and conditioned air is escaping, driving your utility bills up by as much as a whopping 30%. During an energy audit, in addition to a complete walk through, we use thermal imaging and building science tools to see inside your walls, ceilings and floors, and identify specific problem areas. Then we can prioritize and recommend appropriate weatherizing and energy use reduction solutions.

“We wanted a home energy upgrade because our heating bills were over $500. We could feel the drafts everywhere. First, Beckner Contracting handled the assessment, then they put together a plan of attack. They air sealed the house, did the duct work, and insulated under the house. They also installed a new furnace with dual zones. Now our home is very comfortable year round and our energy bills are around $200 a month!” Danville, CA homeowner