Upgrading curb appeal.

Upgrading curb appeal.

June 7, 2017 at 7:41 am / by

First, a few industry terms: Hardscape describes man-made and/or harder, heavier landscape materials used in the built environment along with natural vegetation. Hardscape includes: paths, walls, walkways, stones, rocks, patios, gates, pavers, and driveways to stairs and railings. And, Softscape, conversely, comprises natural, softer elements, such as soil, trees, plants, flowers, ground covers and color schemes.

Beckner Contracting & Management redesigned, reconfigured, installed, built, and upgraded the front yard and backyard hardscape and softscape features , pictured above, for this onetime Lafayette summer house, now the year-round home for a growing family of four. We demoed and removed existing entryway concrete stairs and landscaping, replacing with dramatic exposed aggregate stairways, concrete sectionals, custom cortens steel planters and handrails, drought tolerant vegetation, and artificial turf. Curb appeal now – on point.

Check out this Sunset Magazine article, “49 landscaping ideas with stone”. Replace a boring lawn with golden gravel dotted with ornamental grass. Create an interior courtyard, planted with lavender. Transform an unused portion of your driveway into a curving path of concrete pavers and a lush garden bed. For a modernist vibe, incorporate geometric steppingstones. Tuck a piece of outdoor art amid greenery at the end of a path for visual surprise.

Beckner Contracting & Management is ready to envision, collaborate, and execute!