Remodeling Pleasure & Pain: 5 Survival Tips.

Remodeling Pleasure & Pain: 5 Survival Tips.

January 22, 2016 at 10:12 am / by

We think Huffington Post blogger Geri Spieler’s remodeling insights are worth repeating:

1. Focus on one room at the time. To reduce overwhelm, envision the entire concept and pick out the materials for one room, then move on room by room, setting priorities such as: bath #1, bath #2, etc.

2. Choose a theme. Are you drawn more to contemporary or transitional? Do you yearn for a spare architectural feel or shabby chic, Victorian traditional or somewhere in between?

3. When selecting materials, finishes and styles, ask yourself: Will I get tired of looking at it? Does it strike my fancy today, but in a month will I wonder what I was thinking?

4. Avoid the latest trends. A too trendy backsplash will scream what year it was installed. If in doubt, go classic and neutral!

5. There are no rules, no good, bad, right or wrong. What is “right” is what you want. It’s your house and your money…