Kitchen remodels and DIY

Kitchen remodels and DIY

July 18, 2014 at 8:19 am / by

If we may be so bold, when it comes to kitchen remodeling and kitchen design – leave it to the professionals. We’ve seen the dark side of DIY and it’s not pretty. Designing and remodeling kitchens, and installing kitchen cabinets that mesh perfectly with the rest of your home require intensive technique, planning and experience. The kitchen/great room above is a fine example, remodeled by Beckner Contracting Residential.

Beckner Contracting’s personal kitchen design, kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet installation checklist:

  1. Measure carefully (laser level please)
  2. Design with an eye for detail, aesthetics, budget and lifestyle
  3. Weigh custom vs prefabricated
  4. Take ceiling height into account
  5. Build in storage for today and tomorrow
  6. Consider counter top weight, use, design, material
  7. Plan for plumbing, lighting, electrical, appliances, technology, sound system
  8. Deal with crooked floors and uneven walls
  9. Select proper hardware
  10. Inspect fabricated cabinets upon arrival
  11. Set upper cabinets first
  12. Align upper and lower cabinets
  13. Adjust hinges so doors aren’t misaligned
  14. Tighten catches
  15. Install proper drawer slides
  16. *Use a licensed, well-seasoned contractor who can envision and execute the whole picture. Cabinet installation and restoration wisdom is built over years.

* Beckner Contracting Residential