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Traditional Mexican tamale making party to celebrate the newly remodeled kitchen and dining room addition.

Tamaladas are day-long events where family and friends gather and make tamales at Christmastime.

From chicken and beef to vegetable, you can fill your tamales with all sorts of tasty flavors and ingredients. To begin, you will need masa (a dough from ground corn), soaked corn husks or fresh banana leaves, favorite fillings, and an assembly line of helping hands to wrap them up. To complete the menu, add guacamole, salsa, rice, and beans, along with warm tortillas and a tamarind margarita. For dessert, pan dulce or flan.

Buen provecho.

*Photo: You can’t see much, but the meal was created in the newly remodeled kitchen, part of whole-house suburban 1950s rancher makeover. Walnut Creek, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management, Inc.