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  1. Consistently checks in, aligns, and reports progress
  2. Dedicated onsite supervision and project control
  3. Expert in home energy efficiency
  4. “Belt & suspenders” approach enhances project success
  5. Listens to and delivers on your wants and needs
  6. Reliable, responsible, detailed, forthright
  7. Construction project leadership achieved through 30+ years field experience, hard work, and mastery
  8. Doesn’t cut corners
  9. Recognizes the beauty and value of an inspired design: we can visualize it and we can build it
  10. Caretaker for a deeply satisfying experience throughout

Because remodeling is a substantial undertaking, often a once-in-a-lifetime decision, choose a contractor that’s licensed, bonded, has references, and a stellar track record. Contemplating a remodel or renovation? Ask us for help.

*Photo: Craig is cutting off the rotted end of an exposed wood ridge beam and sealing it. This is because none of the homeowner’s house painters – over the 40 years – bothered to paint the top of the beam. Leading to moisture and infestation issues, and reduced structural integrity. Moraga, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management, Inc.