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Infuse your remodel with a natural vibe.

We’re implementing tiny habits at home to reduce our personal impact on the environment. It feels good. Here are a bunch of ways you can too:

  1. Start small. Read “One Green Thing” to learn how to break green tasks into bite-size steps.
  2. Buy from and donate to thrift stores.
  3. Look into becoming a “Food Waste Warrior” so excess food finds a home.
  4. Download app. and join your local Buy Nothing Facebook Page to gift pre-loved clothes, home goods, toys…
  5. Start using a compost bin.
  6. Store food in glass jars and containers.
  7. Use eco-friendly Tru Earth laundry strips instead of traditional laundry soap.
  8. Watch Woody Harrelson’s film “Kiss the Ground” on regenerative farming.
  9. Shop for fewer groceries more often.
  10. Install energy efficient appliances when you remodel.
  11. Buy bulk organic grains and legumes.
  12. Reuse plastic glasses, plates, and silverware.
  13. Volunteer for clean-up days in your community.
  14. Sell high-ticket items on eBay, The RealReal, or Poshmark. Donate proceeds to your favorite charity.
  15. Visit Refillable or stores like them and buy soaps in bulk.
  16. Wash, air dry, and reuse plastic bags.
  17. Join groups dedicated to stabilizing the Earth.
  18. Support Food Runners and “food recovery” nonprofits in your area.
  19. Before you click “buy”, wait 24 hours. Ask yourself a few of these questions: Do I need it? Will it enhance my life or bring me joy? Does it fit my budget? Do I have something similar that serves the same purpose? Do I have space?
  20. Step outside, allow your eyes to rest in beauty, and breathe. Take good care of your precious self.

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