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Entry for Southwest remodel with lots of artifacts and art!

Combining the dazzling hues of a desert sunset with organic materials, earthy textures, and Native American artistry, Southwest Style is always in season. Cactus green, adobe red, rusty orange, turquoise, and tan. Stucco walls. Pueblo-style architecture. Distressed wooden furniture with burnished-metal accents combined with cooling ceramic tile.

Ansel Adams, Georgia O’Keefe, Alfred Stieglitz, Nicolai Fechin, and D. H. Lawrence’s creative genius flourished in the desert.

Our Danville client lives far from his grandfather’s favorite place to paint, Taos, New Mexico. He asked us to showcase grandad’s work and remodel his home in kind.

Surround yourself with what brings you joy. It’s different for everyone. We honor that.

*Photos: Living room, with handmade adobe fireplace, niches, and Saltillo tile, new entry, and client in the remodeled kitchen. Danville, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management.

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