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  1. Layer lighting: Install an array of lighting to give any room a cozy, vibrant feel. Mix and match cool recessed lights with warmer pendants and table lamps. Lighting is an art and a science — it impacts our mood, appetite, and sleep.
  2. Include design elements that sizzle: Colorful tiles in neutral bathrooms and kitchens will spice up the space and provide joy-inducing focal points. Never be afraid of a little color.
  3. Transform your home: Forget grandma’s maple paneling. The paneling options of today add impact, style, and texture. Consider slat panels, sustainable wood wall Douglas Fir or Ash paneling planks, and rift sawn white oak veneer panels.
  4. Visit the “Kitchen Islands”: For your kitchen remodel, research granite, quartz, and porcelain countertops. Consider incorporating an island sink, storage, outlets, and an overhang. You’ll get more prep, entertaining, and casual dining space. A kitchen island – rule of thumb – should take up around 10% of the room, so it’s not dominating the space or a visual distraction.
  5. Hide it: The trend is toward custom cabinetry featuring hidden built-ins. Think hidden refrigerators, dishwashers, and appliances (appliance garages). Keeping everything tucked away in designated areas. Think a cleaner vibe.

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