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We live in a design haven! Bay Area homeowners are better informed on home design, fixtures, finishes, sustainable materials, home technology, and “lifestyle lifts”. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, turning a bedroom into a high functioning home office, adding square footage, considering an ADU, or updating your HVAC system, a renovation can make a positive impact on how we live, work, and play for years to come.

Trends rising to the top, making a comeback, and keeping our attention:

1. Zen organization. People want order. The pendulum is swinging. There is less call for open shelving and glass doors. We’re seeing clients who want to shut clutter away or organize it behind closed doors.

2. Maximalism is back. Design whiplash! Just like fashion, once you were in, now you are out. Minimalism will always be fabulous. But make way for opulent maximalism, with its rich fabrics and luxurious textures. Fickle us! Warm brass and gold hardware replace monochromatic black, and once-white walls are covered in gold-accented wallpapers and ornate wall sconces.

3. Energetic or serene? What’s your mood? Some homeowners are opting for more energy and color. The richer, jewel-tone side of the spectrum. Others are turning to patterns and palettes in soothing colors. Think eucalyptus, mid-level blues, and soft pink.

4. White with off-white. We will never say “no” to white! There’s something mellow and timeless about rooms bathed in it. But when done in one stark white tone, things get clinical. Balancing a white palette with creamy off-whites and natural linen hues create a breathtaking openness that’s easy on the eyes.

5. Sustainable design is a choice. Homeowners are becoming more mindful and choosing environmentally-friendly options. Increasingly interested in recycled building materials, home energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.

6. More curves. For a long time, modern design became very angular, but things are softening up. Walls, windows, halls, kitchen islands, hardware, and vanities are rounding out. Perhaps in response to years of sharp, minimal lines, rounded edges and curvaceous corners are on trend.

7. All washed up. Once a dreary utilitarian space relegated to the garage or a dark corner, laundry rooms are having their moment. With luxe backsplashes, artisanal floating shelves, and custom lighting designs, they’re becoming better looking, more efficient, and integrated with the rest of the home.

8. Indoor/outdoor bathing. As our climate changes, outdoor showers are becoming a hot renovation trend. Homeowners and designers are envisioning intimate courtyards and strategic site placement to create bathrooms that commune with nature. Incorporating weather-resistant tiles and well-situated, curving privacy walls.

9. Kitchens are natural social hubs. We are seeing more neutrals, earth tones, and matte finishes in kitchens – clay, terracotta, taupes, and sages. These colors pair organically with raw materials. Islands continue to be focal points in kitchen design, as well as tricked out home bars.

10. Opposites attract. Dark, leathered granite and textured soapstone countertops are on trend. Often paired with lighter cabinets for a gorgeous contrast. Many are rediscovering statement marbles with dramatic veining and unique color patterns. It’s a wow!