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San Miguel Eichler completed and totally renovated, including the kitchen.

“The kitchen is…a landing space for everything from homework and Zoom calls to craft projects and, of course, meal preparation. This means that it could benefit from a soothing color palette that helps keep your mind uncluttered (even when your cabinets aren’t)—but rich shades, on the other hand, create a sense of warmth and intimacy. Torn between the two? Get ready to take your pick: Both options are trending.” –

Begin your kitchen remodeling journey with these insights:

  1. Evaluate whether to move your kitchen sink and appliances, or keep the layout as is for cost savings.
  2. Replace cabinets rather than refacing or repainting them; the incremental cost isn’t that much more.
  3. Study your current kitchen. What works? What doesn’t? Traffic flow? Bottlenecks?
  4. Assess whether to move doors, walls, windows, open up the ceiling, as increase the budget.
  5. Choose a design direction that meshes with the style of your home.
  6. Make function and practicality priorities.
    1. How about a roomy, single-basin sink with a tall out-of-the-way faucet?
    2. And/or a pot filler? Instead of filling pots at the sink and lugging them full of water to the stove, you can fill pots at the stove.
  7. Spec wider cabinet drawers to have room for more and larger cookware.
  8. Aim for timelessness.
  9. Gain ambience flexibility with recessed lighting.
  10. Make new countertops a focal point. Quartz is possibly the most durable.
  11. Plan for outlets on the perimeter and add a few on the island.
  12. Consider smart storage solutions like pantry systems & appliance garages.
  13. Research trends and must-haves for your wish list.
  14. Consult with a tried-and-true expert.

*Photo above: Dining area and kitchen as part of a total Eichler restoration project. Walnut Creek, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management, Inc.

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