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Installing gorgeous granite island as part of remodel. Sheet-rocking ceiling.

Foresight [ fawr-sahyt, fohr– ] noun • the action of looking forward, prescience, and prudence.

Beckner Contracting & Management is efficient and prepared. And that requires extensive planning and foresight. We build each remodeling or renovation project in our minds. Phase by phase. Before we order materials. Before we bring out the tools. By the time we’re on the job, our crew and subcontractors have a clear perception of their roles and responsibilities. We say what we’re going to do and do what we say. No surprises. Experience matters.

Therefore, we can offer fair and competitive pricing.

*Photos: 1) extending gas line through garage attic to provide for new gas range, 2) preparing for granite countertop installation, and 3) taping and texturing drywall. Danville, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management, Inc.


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