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Wood stained cabinets for a dramatic effect. Bright cabinets or go neutral but add a fun and flirty backsplash for a happy kitchen. Neutral kitchen idea that stands the test of time. Kitchen design idea for 2023, white is king. 

Gather fresh kitchen remodeling and renovation inspiration from Dwell and here. Apply color, individuality, and effervescence. Humble to palatial: creativity is always at play. 

Happy kitchen, happy life.™

  • Sing the Blues; blue is a cool vibe and has longevity (cover photo)
  • Invite the outdoors in with stained or reclaimed wood (first)
  • Pair sunshiny cabinets (or neutrals) with a decorative backsplash (second)
  • Include a farm sink, tile the walls, combine glass and paneled cabinetry for variety (third)
  • Design a galley kitchen with focal point whites, patterns, and pendant lighting (fourth) 

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