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Plan how you want to organize your kitchen and everything in it!

We are heralding the end of dog collars and hammers mixed in with ladles, masking tape, and mixing bowls. We all do it! Instead, ask us to transform your kitchen into a haven of organization, beauty, and ease.

Smart storage solutions save precious time and space. Likes with likes. A space for everything. And everything in its space. During your remodel, consider: pull-out spice, utensil, and trash cabinets, wine, under sink, cookware, and pantry organizers, appliance garages, and coffee stations.

Kitchen Organization Insights

  1. Declutter, recycle, regift
  2. Create stations and zones
  3. Specify custom-fit accessories
  4. Add cabinet drawer and cupboard dividers
  5. Eliminate mystery supplies
  6. Utilize storage bins and baskets
  7. Include pull-out shelves for easier access
  8. Banish non-kitchen items to their rightful homes
  9. Rack and stack baking sheets and cutting boards

*Cover Photo: Built-in spice rack as part of a full kitchen remodel. Montclair, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management, Inc.

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