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Spicy Beckner Contracting remodeled kitchen.

Cooking up a dream kitchen remodel? Whet your appetite with these tips, tricks, and the best ingredients.

Hide Appliances: Cleverly disguise refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and beverage coolers behind sleek, custom cabinetry (as seen in our cover photo). Range hood vents can similarly be concealed with custom covers. Too many appliances and you don’t know where to place them? Tuck them away!

Designate Zones: The remodeled kitchen in the photo below is divided into zones to make it work- and people-friendly. Kitchen zones for your consideration include: the cooking zone (oven, stove, microwave, etc.), food storage zone (pantry, cabinets, refrigerator, freezer), food prep zone (countertops), and cleaning zone (sink, dishwasher).

Remodel your kitchen with smart zones.

Find Your Pattern: For the remodeled kitchen below, pattern becomes a superstar with restraint. Backsplash tiles in a glossy herringbone pattern contrast with matte painted cabinets and dark stone counters. The floor tiles are a custom mosaic design reminiscent of an old-school Parisian bistro. When in doubt, use patterns in moderation.

Elevate your kitchen remodel with pattern.

Choose Light and Easy Breezy: Transform your kitchen into a bright and airy space. The remodeled kitchen pictured below is a perfect example. Hardware-free cabinetry is coated in reflective easy-to-clean white lacquer. The backsplash is finished with white plaster. Unfussy and a breath of fresh air. In the right hands, white is timeless and chic.

Small kitchen delivers a clean aesthetic.

*Photo Credits: Cover photo – HGTV. Top photo above – kitchen remodel (with ingredients for an Italian feast). Danville, California. By Beckner Contracting & Management, Inc. Plus several photos from House Beautiful.

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