Farmhouse: Baths Remodel

Walnut Creek

These “fraternal twin” baths were inspired by the principles of graphic design translated into three-dimensions. Beckner Contracting & Management remodeled both bathrooms in tandem. Simple honest materials, contrasting neutrals, and a white-and-black palette define and unify the spaces.

Same, same but different. Both baths have floating vanities with natural stone slab backsplashes to match the countertops, and in-wall faucets. The floor tile patterns are an ode to Dutch master M.C. Escher, who created mind-bending optical illusions to trick the eye.

In collaboration with the interior designer and artist homeowner, we handled project management, demo, floor plan mock-up development, plumbing, finishes, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, and new electrical circuits.

geometric floor tile pattern for bathroom remodel

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“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

~ C.S. Lewis